Cyber Security

Our Commitment to Digital Transformation

Risk Management is an essential starting point for effective Cyber Security.

Cyber Security for your Clients or End-Users: InoGates understands business risks and threats to securely improve your growth.

Resellers, Service Providers and System Integrators: with InoGates, Business Partners can be turning risk into a value-adding opportunity for a security business journey.

Our Key Cyber Security Services


The highest vulnerabilities have been identified to be with users. Therefore, InoGates offers an exhaustive list of trainings from boardroom to basement:

- Awareness Training

- Certification pre-Training

- Enablement Sessions for a new trend or technology

- Discovery Webinars

Cyber Resilience Consultancy

Clarify your risks and their mitigation with the right Cyber Security strategy, policies and processes. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance offering is covering among others the following activities:

- Information Security Strategy

- Data Classification GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, NIST SP 800-30, NESA, ISR, ADSIC, SAMA

- Gap Assessment

Incident Response & Recovery

Accelerate the post-failure remediation and respond to the attacker by managing the crisis.

- Threat Hunting Support

- Compromise Assessment for User/Account/Asset

- Digital Forensics Investigation

- Data Exfiltration. 

SOC as a Service

Technical Assessments & 24/7 Monitoring operated from Dubai (UAE).

- Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

- SIEM & Log Management

- Source Code Security Review

- Network Security Configuration Review

- Cloud Security Assessment

Solution Vendors

InoGates works diligently with some of the world’s most innovative software companies.

We provide solutions to address ever increasing compliance, access management, trade surveillance, threat intelligence, communication surveillance, and market needs.

InoGates accompanies you with the innovative and sustainable Cyber Security set of Technology Product, Software and Solutions in all domains.
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